Satellite vs Cellular: Which LEAP is right for you?

So you’re in the market for a GPS tracker. That’s where the LEAP shines as a global GPS tracker, because of its Satellite Connectivity in a truly compact form factor. The LEAP offers two options for connectivity: Satellite or Cellular.

Choose the right one for your needs

It depends on how you plan to use the tracker in your daily routine. The right tracker can transform your life and business, it may even save lives.

Typical Usage

Do you find that you need to keep track of your teenager’s road trips, so that they aren’t speeding or visiting places that are off-limits?

Or are you managing a fleet of vehicles which you need to track in real-time? Receiving breakdown alerts no matter where they are stranded?

Maybe you just need to keep a tracker in your car, for peace of mind and theft prevention. Or you might simply be forgetful and often cannot find your parked car.

Perhaps you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves camping off the grid? Scaling the next mountain, or sailing your yacht in open water?

Livestock farmer in a remote region with limited cell coverage? Or just keeping tabs on the whereabouts of your expensive machinery, and being alerted if excessive vibration or temperature is detected.

Or maybe you’re a farmer who needs air temperature monitoring alerts for your crops inside a greenhouse.

The Satellite LEAP has excellent connectivity outdoors, so this would be the right tracker for you.

Do you need to monitor elderly folk or Alzheimer’s patients, so that you are alerted when they roam outside? The bonus feature here is you’ll be able to also track how much exercise they get, get alerted of unusual lack of movement outside of nap hours, and receive emergency alerts through a simple double-tap.

If you’re a parent, you might want an emergency alerting device for your younger kids who spend most of their time at home. Won’t you feel reassured in being able to track your kids on their journey to school and back?

Do you find that you frequently misplace your keys in the house? Or making sure that your bike is safely secured in public places?

Does your pet occasionally wander out of the house? Or do you need to track your dog when she goes out for a walk with a sitter? Perhaps you simply need to know how far your dog has been walked, and whether she is trapped and in trouble.

Are you an ice cream vendor with precise temperature range requirements?

Perhaps you work in a logistics company where it’s crucial to track important parcels? Or a globetrotter who would benefit from tracking your luggage in case they get transferred to the wrong flight?

If these sound more like you, the Cellular LEAP would be the right choice.

Geographical Location

Do you frequently need to track people and belongings that are usually moving around outdoors, without any cell network?

This is the perfect fit for the Satellite LEAP which is powered by the Globalstar satellite network. Our satellite coverage will be able to offer connections at On-Grid and Off-Grid locations.

Or will your LEAP tracker be used mostly indoors? Do you live and work in an area with cellular coverage, and rarely travel outside of this well-connected zone?

The Cellular LEAP with its 5G-ready connectivity and roaming SIM would serve you well. Its cell service is provided by multiple carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. It can be used indoors (inside buildings) and outdoors (outside buildings).

Your Budget

Even though the Satellite LEAP device service plan will cost more than the Cellular LEAP device, it doesn’t mean that it’s more expensive to use the Satellite LEAP. It just comes down to the value you place on the satellite connectivity in remote places.