Are all GPS trackers the same? We think not.

Our Satellite LEAP offers the smallest form factor for any GPS tracker with this advanced level of connectivity. Apart from the clear advantage of our satellite connectivity in a tiny package, we have another card up our sleeve.

Unlike trackers before this, we have blended state-of-the-art hardware with ingenious software to offer a seamless tracking system that enables you to configure the LEAP tracker to work in multiple ways never before possible, straight out-of-the-box.

With 4 unique programmable personalities which combine data using low-power LTE (Cat-M1 and NB-IoT), Bluetooth, GPS and GLONASS coordinates and LEO Satellite, coupled with multiple sensors (accelerometer, temperature, tap, orientation, flat detection, motion) we have exponentially multiplied the usage scenarios of the LEAP.

The result: the most extensive coverage and usability in any global tracker. This has simply never been done before.


  • tracks if the LEAP has been stationary for a fixed period
  • tracks motion including low level vibrations (eg.double tap)
  • tracks Low-g or High-g acceleration
  • tracks abnormality in sensor data
  • sends alerts / location coordinates / time elapsed since last movement

Possible Uses for this Personality

  1. Can’t find your car in a large parking lot? LEAP detects a stationary car and sends its coordinates to your cellphone.
  2. A machine connected to LEAP on a remote pipeline sends signal if equipment failure or abnormality is detected.
  3. Detection of double tap on LEAP to send alert and start tracking.


  • tracks if subject wearing LEAP exits or enters
  • sends alerts
  • sends location coordinates of LEAP

Possible Uses for this Personality

  1. Your pet wearing LEAP escapes from the yard. LEAP sends pet’s location and time to your cellphone.
  2. An Alzheimer’s patient with the LEAP pendant wanders away from the house. A periodic Geofence is sent to the family providing location and a message for them to identify what has happened.
  3. A Geofence signal is received when LEAP collared roaming wildlife enters a protection zone.


  • sends alerts
  • sends location coordinates of LEAP

Possible Uses for this Personality

An adventurer, out of cell-tower range, sends an A-OK status alert to home base.


  • tracks proximity or loss-of-proximity of LEAP to user’s cellphone
  • sends alerts
  • sends location coordinates of LEAP

Possible Uses for this Personality

  1. Never be separated from your LEAP attached keys, handbag or luggage at the restaurant again. LEAP sends a message to your cellphone as the phone loses proximity with LEAP.
  2. You can configure the Proximity personality on LEAP and use it as a Bluetooth tracker without a monthly subscription.
    The LEAP inside your car sends an alert to your cellphone when it detects that it’s moving away from the phone. Tracking is initiated.

Unlimited Possibilities: Combine Multiple Personalities

Scenario 1: Hunting Trip

You’re getting ready for a hunting trip which goes through some pretty remote areas that have no cell service. Before leaving home, you set the following Personalities on the LEAP:

  • PROXIMITY: So that you will be alerted if your car gets stolen while you get some snacks at the gas station.
  • A-OK: So that you will be able to send out an emergency alert to your wife’s cellphone at home in case your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.
  • GEOFENCE: So that your wife receives an alert that you have arrived at your destination. Similarly, she will be alerted when you’re heading home.
  • ACTIVITY: If your LEAP is stationary for a preset amount of time, your wife receives an alert that something is wrong.

Scenario 2: A Day in School

Your daughter is getting ready for another day at school, and your husband will be sending her there. While she’s enjoying breakfast, you set the following Personalities on the LEAP and place the device into her school bag:

  • PROXIMITY: So that you will be alerted if she accidentally leaves her backpack in the car.
  • A-OK: So that she will be able to double-tap on the LEAP and send an emergency alert to your cellphone in case she is in danger.
  • GEOFENCE: So that you receive an alert that your daughter has arrived in school. Similarly, you will be alerted when she’s heading home.
  • ACTIVITY: On her way home, you track her journey in real time via the LEAP app, so that lunch will be ready just in time