Rugged and Dependable

A vessel is only useful when its hull is intact. That’s why the LEAP global tracker has a ruggedized, water-resistant outer shell. Its construction uses a blend of polycarbonate and ABS, delivering excellent impact resistance at low temperatures. This makes a hardy protective casing which will hold up under normal use.

Flex Resistance

Because the material does not flex easily, you can use the LEAP tracker in many scenarios where you might need to pack the LEAP tightly in between other items during storage or transport. Slip it into your child’s school bag, along with her books and lunchbox and send her off with peace of mind. Pack it tightly into an important box delivery and track it remotely in real time. Attach the LEAP to your keys and slip the whole bunch into your pants pocket, or into a zipper pocket in your backpack.

Water Resistance

The LEAP has a water-resistance rating of IPX8 which means it can be submerged deeper than 1 meter. This opens up possibilities of the LEAP being used to track ships, kayaks or even swimmers in the ocean. Sports event organizers can use the LEAP to track individual competitors, without worrying about sweat or ocean water entering the device.

Heat and Cold Resistance

Finally, the LEAP is resistant to heat, so it can be used in industrial machinery applications where ambient temperatures can go up to 50°C. The temperature sensor and accelerometer on the LEAP can be used to monitor machinery malfunction. On the other extreme, LEAP can be reliably used in very cold environments down to -30°C. This allows LEAP to track skiers and snowmobiles in extremely cold weather.


The LEAP weighs only 23 grams, which makes it ideal as a companion for even weight-conscious outdoor sports enthusiasts who want to carry only what they need during a trip. It also makes it an ideal safety tracking device for kids.