With LEAP, can I really get help if I’m lost in the mountains?

We love the outdoors. If you’re like us, it’s likely you are already planning your next trip to a remote area without any cell service. Hiking in Yosemite backcountry trails, anyone? Perhaps you’re into camping and have a favorite spot where you’d be lucky to find any cellular network coverage.

Planning ahead for emergencies in these remote areas is crucial. A reliable tracking device counts as an essential in any adventurer’s packing list.

This is where the Satellite LEAP global tracker outshines its competition.

Tiny enough to take up virtually no space in your rucksack, it allows you to send emergency alerts back home with just a double tap. Or simply use it to reassure your family that you’re safe.

Our satellite coverage uses the Globalstar low earth orbit satellite communications network, which covers almost the whole world. So you’re safe in the hands of the LEAP global tracker.