So easy to use, you’ll be tracking like a pro in no time

Setting up the LEAP is a matter of just picking up your smartphone and connecting to the LEAP global tracker right away. The LEAP is always on, as long as the battery has a charge.

Setting up the LEAP

To set up the LEAP, multiple smartphones can connect to it using the app. Just make sure you do it one at a time. In the app, you can choose any of the four personalities to start tracking. These four personalities can also be used simultaneously to create an almost unlimited number of tracking possibilities!

Once a smartphone is connected for the first time to the LEAP, it will be able to subsequently receive alerts via the Alert screen.

Monitoring the LEAP

Multiple smartphones can connect to the LEAP to receive alerts. This lets different users with different phones connect to the same LEAP device. For example, both parents tracking their kids’ LEAP device will be able to connect from the office as well as from home.