Fancy wearing the LEAP for your daily workout, or maybe your next road trip?

Safe Wearable Technology

The LEAP global tracker is a wearable device. With the stringent SAR (FCC) certification in the pipeline, LEAP will be one of the few wearable trackers you can safely wear as a pendant, on your wrist or put it inside your pocket. Being a wearable device, it works just as well even when worn as part of your clothing.

Wearable technology is becoming increasingly a part of our lives, and LEAP is poised to become an essential component in your wearable technology wardrobe.

Medical Alert Monitoring

Advanced sensors inside the LEAP can be used to diagnose health-related issues like sleep patterns. This makes the LEAP a perfect fit for the elderly, who can wear it like a wristwatch.

Child Safety Monitoring

A wrist-mounted LEAP employs satellite GPS-enabled tracking to keep children safe, with real-time location tracking and emergency alerts with just a double tap.

Early Emergency Detection

It can trigger events or send security alerts while being worn by lone workers in dangerous occupations, offshore rig workers or miners working in remote locations.