Did you know that the LEAP global tracker can transform your life in at least 7 ways?

Daily Lifestyle is one of them

Transcend barriers with human lifestyle-enhancing features like movement tracking, location tracking, path tracking, and global messaging.

Find your misplaced tote bag

Current trackers in the market cover different market demographics with small short-range Bluetooth trackers and big long-range cellular trackers used for different use cases. Innowave has finally created a tracker that has both unparalleled range and diminutive size in one elegant package.

LEAP is a global tracker that excels at both short-range tracking with Bluetooth and long-range tracking via satellite and cellular networks. Moreover, LEAP comes with the smallest possible form factor, as small as the short-range trackers.

With today’s fast-paced and perpetually busy lifestyle, we might lose essential items such as our tote bag or house keys. Rediscover peace of mind with LEAP, and leave the tracking of your keys to this infinitely portable device.

Track your cars, bikes, boats, golf clubs, handbags, keys, and many more. Track everything you can imagine with one single device, the LEAP tracker.

Keep your loved ones safe

If your wife or teenage daughter is in danger, LEAP enables them to send distress alerts back home during an emergency with only a double-tap on the LEAP tracker. During emergencies, the most effective alerting method is one which minimizes accessibility barriers.

LEAP sends the alert without requiring them to call on a cellphone. Simply by double-tapping the LEAP device, a prerecorded text alert, e.g. “Help!” is delivered along with location coordinates as well.

Unfortunate incidents, such as mass shootings often happen in the US. Injury and loss of life can be reduced if the police or 911 are alerted as soon as possible.

Domestic violence can be sudden and violent, and the victim may not have a chance to reach a cellphone to call the authorities. In situations like these, LEAP can stealthily send the alert with just a double-tap from the victim, without the attacker knowing.

With LEAP, kids in school can also send distress signals if a bully is harassing them.

Know if your child reached school safely… Or not.

Using the path tracking capabilities in LEAP, you can reliably track your kids’ journey anywhere. Get alerted if they deviate from the intended path or arrive at the wrong location.

With LEAP in their possession, undesirable activities can be reduced, such as child trafficking for blackmailing, and sexual abuse. Prevent your kids from becoming victims of perverts by using LEAP’s global connectivity. Traffic in and out of the country can also be detected easily with satellite connectivity.

Peace of mind is priceless. LEAP ensures your kids are always safe with people-centric features that make our lives easier.

Know if your parked bike suddenly travels without you

LEAP deters vehicle theft with reliable tracking and location alerts. Use LEAP to guard your parked bike, car or any vehicle.

Its proximity personality establishes connectivity to your smartphone via Bluetooth. If the parked vehicle moves without your cellphone connection at any time, LEAP will alert you of the incident, thus preventing theft.

LEAP is an insurance policy to protect your vehicle against unexpected occurrences. It can potentially save insurance companies millions since it prevents vehicle trafficking and reduces insurance claims associated with theft.

Apart from preventive measures, it also offers a solution if your vehicle gets stolen. Get location coordinates of your stolen vehicle even after the incident, enabling you to recover the vehicle.

Never out of range. Messages delivered from anywhere.

With LEAP, sending distress signals from locations without any cell tower reception is now possible. Being able to send SOS alerts even from most remote places reliably, LEAP is an ideal solution for the adventurers, backpackers, hikers and jungle trekkers.

Explore any corner of the world with no fear when you have your little but powerful LEAP in your pocket. Send alerts to your family that you are well or reach out for help in case of an emergency in the middle of nowhere.

With global connectivity in your palm, your path to adventure becomes limitless. Indulge in mother nature like never before with LEAP.