Founders and Directors

Kenneth Margon

A lifelong inventor, Kenneth Margon is a telecommunications technology leader and systems architect. He holds more than 60 US and international patents, and cited in other patents more than 800 times by companies like Broadcom, Qualcomm, LG and Google.

Founded a lab that incubated multiple companies including taking one public. Directed teams and management in multiple countries.

Former member of ITU-D promoting communications infrastructure for developing countries.

Pragash Sangaran


Pragash holds a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and has more than 17 years experience in hardware, RF transceiver and embedded product design as well as product certification.

With his nine years experience of Motorola R&D in the Advanced Technology and Research Team, Pragash brings key knowledge and expertise to his role at Innowave. He is a Keysight Certified Expert.

He holds seven US patents (some of which are pending) and numerous IEEE publications. His work in developing miniaturized devices is key to the exceptional and innovative Innowave products.