Send SOS alerts from the Himalayas

LEAP Personality: A-OK

Our sense of adventure takes us to faraway places in our vehicles, sometimes days away from civilization. These remote locations are often without any hint of cell tower reception.

In the event of a vehicle breakdown or accident, having no cell reception would be disastrous. Unfortunate events might happen in the middle of nowhere; we may be attacked by wild animals or suffer from an injury due to falling. Some may die unattended simply because they were unable to get help.

LEAP overcomes these limitations with long-range satellite connectivity, which works even in the most remote places. Distress alerts can be reliably sent, even without any cell tower reception.

Sending alerts back home when your car breaks down is now possible, even in a secluded valley in the Himalayas. Use LEAP to contact your loved ones from anywhere in the world.

Extreme adventure activities are now safer because of LEAP. Worry no more with LEAP by your side.

Empower your vehicles with features like movement trackinglocation tracking, path tracking, speed tracking, and emergency messaging.