Find your misplaced keys

LEAP Personality: ACTIVITY

Current trackers in the market cover different market demographics with small short-range Bluetooth trackers and big long-range cellular trackers used for different use cases. Innowave has finally created a tracker that has both unparalleled range and diminutive size in one elegant package.

LEAP is a global tracker that excels at both short-range tracking with Bluetooth and long-range tracking via satellite and cellular networks. Moreover, LEAP comes with the smallest possible form factor, as small as the short-range trackers.

With today’s fast-paced and perpetually busy lifestyle, we might lose essential items such as our house keys. Rediscover peace of mind with LEAP, and leave the tracking of your keys to this infinitely portable device.

Track your cars, bikes, boats, golf clubs, handbags, keys, and many more. Track everything you can imagine with one single device, the LEAP tracker.

Transcend barriers with human lifestyle-enhancing features like movement trackinglocation trackingpath tracking, and global messaging.