Keep your loved ones safe

LEAP Personality: ACTIVITY

If your wife or teenage daughter is in danger, LEAP enables them to send distress alerts back home during an emergency with only a double-tap on the LEAP tracker. During emergencies, the most effective alerting method is one which minimizes accessibility barriers.

LEAP sends the message without requiring them to call on a cellphone. Simply by double-tapping the LEAP device, a prerecorded text message, e.g. “Help!” is delivered via satellite, along with location coordinates as well.

Unfortunate incidents, such as mass shootings often happen in the USA. Injury and loss of life can be reduced if the police or 911 are alerted as soon as possible.

Domestic violence can be sudden and violent, and the victim may not have a chance to reach a cellphone to call the authorities. In situations like these, LEAP can stealthily send the message with just a double-tap from the victim, without the attacker knowing.

With LEAP, kids in school can also send distress signals if a bully is harassing them.

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