Get alerted when your machinery malfunctions

LEAP Personality: ACTIVITY

The manufacturing industry relies on efficient production assembly lines every day. A single malfunction may quickly bring the assembly line to a halt; thus, these malfunctions must be rapidly found and corrected.

LEAP enables a machinery operator or an engineer to receive alerts when changes in vibration detected in machinery on an assembly line. A malfunction creates a change in the usual vibration pattern or causes vibrations to stop entirely. LEAP detects the failure the moment it happens and alerts you to act on it fast. The longer the delay, the more revenue will be lost.

In most cases, before the machinery breaks down, there may be a change in vibration patterns. LEAP acts as an early warning system, to detect the slight malfunction at an early stage before it turns into full-blown damage. The vibration could be due to loose or missing screws which could lead to cracks or breakage of essential parts of the machine.

Upgrade your machinery management with features like vibration sensing, temperature sensing and location tracking.