Deliver the optimum temperature for your products

LEAP Personality: ACTIVITY

LEAP provides precision temperature control for industries that rely on it. Temperature-sensitive business owners such as ice cream vendors can rely on LEAP to measure the temperature of their products inside their containers.

Shipped medical products such as vaccines, blood samples, insulin, medical devices, blood products like plasma or other pharmaceutical products must have overtemperature protection.

LEAP will give you the accurate temperature reading and also alerts you when the temperature reading goes above or below the desired setting.

Wine connoisseurs who want to keep their wines at a fixed temperature can use LEAP to ensure the flavor of their wines preserved well.

Transporting fresh fruits and meat also requires the right temperature. Incorrect temperature control results in fruit produce bruises that consumers will reject. Meat that exposed to ambient temperatures that exceed 5 degrees Celsius for more than two hours will be prone to bacterial growth. LEAP serves as a handy, easy to install temperature measurement device.

Upgrade your machinery management with features like vibration sensing, temperature sensing and location tracking.