Know when your pet is in trouble

LEAP Personality: ACTIVITY

Using the motion sensor, LEAP can sense if your pet is confined within the same location for a long time. Get alerted when your pet is immobile or trapped. Being immobile for some time might be a sign that your pet is in danger.

LEAP monitors and alerts you when your pet is trapped in a drain, hole or pothole, kidnapped or drowning. You can also identify if your pet is pacing around in a confined space or isn’t moving at all, which indicates that your pet is in danger or distress.

If your dog is trapped inside a locked car, or cannot get out of a hot or freezing car, LEAP sends you a message to alert you that your dog’s movement is limited.

Combine this function with the other useful features of LEAP, like distance tracking, path tracking and location tracking, and you have an indispensable tool for pet lovers.