Your faithful pet deserves a worthy companion, the LEAP global tracker.

Pet lovers will find the LEAP tracker infinitely useful. Check out these possibilities! Combine this function with the other useful features of LEAP, like distance tracking, path tracking and location tracking, and you have an indispensable tool for pet lovers.

Track down your escaped pet

Pet owners know that it’s sometimes hard to keep your beloved pet inside the house. In the event of your pet straying away, his or her location and time of escape is sent to the owner’s smartphone.

Tracking escaped pet has never been easier. LEAP notifies you when your pet, wearing a LEAP-enabled collar, has escaped from your home and helps you to track it down.

Know when your pet is in trouble

Using the motion sensor, LEAP can sense if your pet is confined within the same location for a long time. Get alerted when your pet is immobile or trapped. Being immobile for some time might be a sign that your pet is in danger.

LEAP monitors and alerts you when your pet is trapped in a drain, hole or pothole, kidnapped or drowning. You can also identify if your pet is pacing around in a confined space or isn’t moving at all, which indicates that your pet is in danger or distress.

If your dog is trapped inside a locked car, or cannot get out of a hot or freezing car, LEAP sends you a message to alert you that your dog’s movement is limited.

Know where your pet sitter goes

Get alerted when your pet leaves and gets home safely. Once LEAP is attached to your dog’s collar, it will track your dog’s journey, especially useful when leaving your dog with a pet sitter or dog walker.

LEAP detects the path taken when your dog walker brings your dog out and back home, to make sure you are getting exactly what you paid for. Use LEAP to determine how much to pay your pet sitter as you will know if he/she missed out on any walks. You will know which route your dog walker takes your dog during the walk, and the distance walked.

In another scenario, you will also know if your pet goes out for his scheduled walks without missing it. Or in a more sinister situation, if your sitter is kidnapping him, LEAP will sense any strange patterns of movement. It even tracks your pet’s non-movement if it is trapped or in danger so that you have complete peace of mind.

A pedometer for pet lovers

Track the distance that you walked your dog. Making sure your pet gets adequate exercise is easy with LEAP, which measures the step count of your pet.