Did you know that the LEAP can sense temperature too?

Agriculture Management

Upgrade your agriculture management with features like temperature sensing and movement tracking.

Maintaining the right greenhouse air temperature is essential for crops farming. LEAP sends regular alerts with temperature readings or when temperature readings go overboard, depending on the user preferences. The cooling system can be deployed if overheat detected.

Irrigation systems also benefit from LEAP, which lets you measure the ambient temperature to know when to water the plants in the garden or farm.

Transforming Livestock Farming

Keep track of your livestock at any time with LEAP. Get alerted when your cattle come home after grazing. LEAP helps reduce the workforce to take care of the livestock, which saves on labor cost.

Attacks by wild animals on your livestock can also be detected via unusual activity, e.g. running fast. Sick livestock can be detected by analyzing limited movement and help can be sent as soon as possible. LEAP can send alerts if livestock are stolen, and help in their recovery with its position tracking feature.