Advanced real time monitoring of elderly folk under your care

Discover potential uses of the LEAP tracker in your life. Improve the quality of elderly healthcare with features like movement tracking, location tracking, distance tracking, and emergency messaging.

Know exactly how much exercise your elderly folk get

LEAP lets you monitor the health of the elderly by tracking the amount of exercise they do. LEAP tracks the distance they walked, via the step counting/pedometer function. You can set fitness goals to motivate them to exercise for general health.

Let elderly folks send alerts in emergencies

Elderly folks experiencing a fall, a heart attack or even an assault can reach out for help by double-tapping the LEAP device.

In the event of an emergency, many elderly may struggle to speak out audibly, and they may sometimes be unable to walk. LEAP bridges those physical limitations by allowing the victim to send a distress alert with just a couple of taps. LEAP will get you the help when you need it the most!

Monitor the well-being of elderly folks in your care

LEAP alerts you of an unusual lack of movement in an elderly person outside nap hours. This inactivity indicates that he or she may have suffered a medical emergency such as a stroke or a heart attack, or fallen unconscious as a result of an accident.

You can also use LEAP to monitor the sleeping patterns of your parents or elderly patients. Unusual activities such as an increased movement during the night may indicate that they did not have quality sleep, perhaps due to their diet or medication. Thus, you can take the necessary steps to correct their sleep imbalance.

Track wandering Alzheimer’s patients

Caregivers of elderly patients often struggle with keeping their patients with Alzheimer’s disease safe from harm when they wander from a safe zone. With the location tracking feature on LEAP and periodic alerts on patient’s whereabouts, they will finally get peace of mind.

Easily applicable at home and in a hospital, the long-range connectivity on LEAP ensures reliable tracking when you need to keep track of elderly parents or get notified if they leave the house. When an Alzheimer’s patient with the LEAP pendant wanders away from home, a periodic alert is sent to the family providing their location. At the hospital, this alert is handy, along with a message for caregivers to identify the patient.